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As our name implies, Management & Economics Consulting, Inc’s (MAECI) corporate philosophy and consequently our approach to international development, project development and investment banking services, is based on teamwork. We understand and actively seek the synergies created by diverse project teams.

Our team approach has enabled us to move very successfully beyond our initial focus on sectoral approach to a broader scope of global experience. We encourage diversity not only through our recruitment process, but also by seeking out partners whose skills and expertise complement our own.

We have formed very successful project partnerships, both as lead firm and as sub-consultant, with government ministries and departments, universities and colleges, non-governmental organizations, private equity firms and private sector companies in the U.S. and in developing and emerging countries.

We strongly believe that for a development project to have any lasting impact and sustainability, recipient country stakeholders and/or beneficiaries must claim it as their own.

To encourage this, we routinely incorporate processes to encourage participation by stakeholders and beneficiaries. We involve beneficiaries at the outset to define project goals and indicators.