Our Story

A History of Success

As our name implies, Management & Economics Consulting, Inc’s (MAECI) corporate philosophy and consequently our approach to international development is based on teamwork. We understand and actively seek the synergies created by diverse project teams. Our team approach has enabled us to move very successfully beyond our initial focus on sectoral approach to a broader scope of global experience. We encourage diversity not only through our recruitment process, but also by seeking out partners whose skills and expertise complement our own. We have formed very successful project partnerships, both as lead firm and as sub-consultant, with government ministries and departments, universities and colleges, non-governmental organizations and private sector companies more specifically in developing and emerging countries. MAECI is specialized in the development, management and ownership of sustainable projects. MAECI and its Partners have been involved in developing and operating projects totaling more than $2 billion.

We believe that for a development project to have any lasting impact and sustainability, recipient country stakeholders and/or beneficiaries must claim it as their own. To encourage this, we routinely incorporate processes to encourage participation by stakeholders and beneficiaries. We involve beneficiaries at the outset to define project goals and indicators; we continue to involve them in regular progress reviews to make sure that the project remains responsive to their needs. Our final goal is always the appropriation by the beneficiaries.

We are committed to bringing the most advanced expertise in project management and technical assistance to initiatives throughout the process. MAECI provides innovation and rely on methodologies designed to improve organizational decision-making and outcome focused change; MAECI uses Information/Telecommunications (IT) to provide Instant-Broadband Internet and voice services to its clients, to this effect, MAECI has pre-engineered an easy-to-deploy VSAT-based solution called “SKYbits”. This readily-available package is ideal for Business locations, Government facilities, University campuses, villages and remote facilities. MAECI works with organizations to enhance performance by developing environmentally and socially comprehensive sustainable strategies. Our purpose is twofold: to help our partners achieve their development goals in a progressive and sustainable manner; and, to promote excellence at the grassroots level.