MAECI meets with newly appointed Ambassador Furuta-Toy

Published February 19th, 2016

Furta Toy

Pictured Above: MAECI meeting with U.S. Ambassador Furuta-Toy

CEO and President of MAECI, Samuel Nana-Sinkam, and Senior Vice President of MAECI, Chris Massaro, met with newly appointed U.S. Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea, Julie Furuta-Toy.

Ambassador Furuta-Toy was interested to hear about MAECI’s work in Equatorial Guinea, that dates back to 2007, and agreed with MAECI’s assessment of the opportunities that exist within the country.  Ambassador Furuta-Toy feels that more U.S. companies should be looking at Equatorial Guinea for business expansion, and she feels great progress has been made concerning transparency within the government.



Government of Sao Tome & Principe signs MOU with MAECI

Published February 17th, 2016

Sao and Tome 1

Pictured Above: MAECI meeting with H.E. Prime Minister Patrice Trovoada

Sao and Tome 2

Pictured Above: MAECI meeting with H.E. Minister of Energy Carlos Vila Nova

Upon the invitation of the Government of Sao Tome & Principe, and the support of the U.S. Embassy,  MAECI, General Electric and Eaton Corporation traveled to Sao Tome for the purpose of an economic mission.

After traveling to various locations on the island, and visiting many private sector businesses, MAECI met with the Minister of Energy, H.E. Carlos Vila Nova, and Prime Minister H.E. Patrice Trovoada to discuss the need for energy in the country.  The meetings concluded with a memorandum of understanding secured between the Government of Sao Tome & Principe and MAECI.  This was signed in February by HE. Carlos Vila Nova Minister of EnergyThe MOU specifies a next step for the production of a feasibility study to be performed by the U.S. team of MAECI, GE & Eaton, for the installation of a solar energy solution.

This study is to begin this coming summer 2016.